The African company of fasteners

Manufacturers of stud bolts, nuts and specialized fasteners.





Steadfast limited

We manufacture and stock a wide range stud bolts, nuts and fasteners, in various grades and coating at competitive prices.

We are the first of its kind in terms of production of engineered bolting intended for use for engineering services and safety-related applications in Africa. For joining the most critical connections in deep-water offshore drilling and production equipment, power generating turbo machinery, pumps, valves, pressure vessels, and industrial machinery, our premium quality bolting is the stand-alone choice.

We provide turnkey solutions to customers for their requirement of bolting which are used in many projects in Africa.


Full origin traceability and mill certification, accompanied by certificate of conformance, material certificates and coating reports.

It is important to note that with our ITP (Inspection and testing plan) which makes room for Client involvement in the process, it provides a fully transparent procedure detailing all stages of production ensuring a smooth process from start to finish boosting client confidence in the final product.

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