About us

At Steadfast Rigworld, we have five core values.

We manufacture stud bolts and nuts in various grades and coatings.

Steadfast Limited is a Engineering Company specializing in a wide range of services and manufacturing of stud bolts & nuts, and specialized Fasteners for a varied range of customer applications including Oil & Gas, Power generation, Construction, Mining, Marine Engineering and Food Processing.

We are the first of its kind in terms of production of bolting and other fasteners needed for industry in Africa.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting high integrity stud bolts & nuts, and structural bolts to International and Project Specifications in all materials. Our ISO accredited wider product manufacturing range includes Spectacle Blinds, Spade- Spacers and Flanges in collaboration with our UK partners Marla Group. Furthermore we are a leading distributor of pipe, Tube, pipe fittings and miscellaneous piping items. We emphasize our manufacturing to the above industry and provide speedy delivery of fasteners at the shortest delivery periods.

We provide turnkey solutions to customers for their requirement of fasteners which are used in many projects. 

Our values

Client focused

At Steadfast Rigworld engineering, we consistently exceed the expectations of our major stakeholders.


We are forward thinking and creative in finding new ways of handling challenges and relentlessly pursue improvement in our operations.


We always operate in a professional way, honor our commitments, comply with laws and regulations and respect our brand.


We are committed to demonstrating the highest standard in safety right through all processes of our value chain to maintain zero LTI’s and incidence free working environment and the external community at large as a result of our products / services. 


We are guided by the highest standard of ethical business conduct by implementing the ‘Do The Right Thing’ principle. We treat our employees, JV partners and customers with fairness, respect and honesty. We stand behind our promises and our goal is to build long term relationships.

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